About the Toolbox of Experimental Participatory Methods

The Toolbox of Experimental Participatory Methods is a comprehensive resource designed to democratise decision-making by harnessing the power of participatory democracy tools. It aims to transfer and innovate existing methods from European cities, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in governance processes. By offering tangible solutions, it addresses the exclusion of marginalised voices, extending the circle of actors involved in decision-making. Accessible as an online database, it provides municipalities and stakeholders with practical tools, case studies, and best practices, promoting a culture of participation. Beyond merely providing resources, it fosters a mindset of exploration and learning, catering to both experienced practitioners and newcomers. Ultimately, the toolbox represents a pivotal step towards more inclusive and resilient urban environments, where citizens’ diverse perspectives shape the future of their communities. It is a project developed within the framework of the EUARENAS Horizon 2020 funded project, by Eutropian, a company and association developing collaborative planning processes in various cities in Europe.

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